Chair mat for Sit-Stand Desk – Rectangle

$278.30 (incl GST)

Improve your workspace with the revolutionary, dual sit to stand design solution that promotes good health and increases productivity.


  • Dual sit and stand design solution offers the flexibility to sit less and move more.
  • Roll with ease while protecting your floor and stand in comfort on a foam cushion.
  • Innovative hinge folds for an anti-fatigue cushion and unfolds to full size chairmat
  • Ideal for use in home and office applications on low pile carpet (under 6mm) or hard floors

Ideal with the Elevate Adjustable Sit Stand Desks.



Material:   Vinyl / foam
Product Size:   114cm x 134cm
Best for:   Low pile carpet up to 6mm thick / hard floors
Body Type:   Rectangular shape
Warranty Period:   1 year

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