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Arteil Office Chairs Perth

Arteil are a West Australian owned family business, manufacturing custom ergonomic office chairs to suit our Australian clients, using only the highest quality fabrics and long-lasting components. Our full range of office chairs are perfect for homes, offices, schools, universities, healthcare waiting rooms, dental centres, cafes and restaurants. Delivery of your ergonomic chairs is available to all states across Australia, with Arteil using the most cost-effective and safe method of transport possible.



Arteil make OFFICE chairs unique to suit YOU!

Arteil is not your average computer chair manufacturer. Our expert team pride themselves on making custom office chairs to suit the individuals needs. All aspects of your ergonomic chair design can be customised, changing the chair design depending on your height, size and required functionality. This provides a long-lasting and comfortable ergonomic chair which provides long-term benefits such as reduced back pain or discomfort.

While our massive range of office chairs have already been tested for optimum comfort, we recommend local customers visit our large showroom in O’Connor, Perth. Arteil’s office chair specialists can then match you to the perfect office chair for you, creating a custom design with all components matching your needs.

Following your service, Arteil also offers a great after sales service to customers. This includes prompt communication and assistance with any questions you may have about your chair purchase. We also carry a large stock of office chair spare parts and components should you require new or replacements parts.

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Strong, durable chairs.

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