Office Chair Spare Parts

Through frequent use, you’ll start to notice wear and tear in your office chair. While purchasing a brand new office chair allows you to upgrade and get the latest designs, you may only notice wear and tear in a few smaller components. If you require office chair parts and feel confident fixing the chair yourself, Arteil stock all of the most common parts with delivery available Australia wide. If the problem is a bit more complex, our specialist team can also pick up and repair your office chair in the greater Perth metro area.

Office Chair Parts

If you’re unsure which office chair spare parts are right for your chair, it’s recommended you speak to the professionals at Arteil on (08) 9337 8399. Alternatively, visit our O’Connor showroom for specialist advice and recommendations.

Office Chair Mats

Chair mats make your sit or stand desk more comfortable while protecting your carpet or flooring underneath from wear and tear.

Castor & Glide Parts

Castors allow you to move freely when seated in your office chair. Over time, they can become worn and filled with dirt and debris which generates a need for new castor wheels. Arteil’s range of office chair castor parts has options available that fit most office chair brands and designs. Glides are also available for seating which does not require manoeuvrability while seated.

Office Chair Footrests

To improve the comfort and create an ergonomic workspace, it’s recommended you use an adjustable footrest. Changes can be made day to day to suit your requirements and can assist in creating better posture and reduced lower back pain.

Office Chair Arms

Chair arms can become worn from frequent use, creating a sticky or unpleasant feeling on your arms and elbows. If your chair arms are worn, speak to Arteil about their range of office chair spare parts. The adjustable chair arm options can be moved to suit your size and requirements.

Office Chair Bases

Durable office chair bases ensure your seating is comfortable and stable. If you’ve noticed wear or tear, it might be time to order spare chair parts to replace your old chair base.

Gas Lift Spare Parts

Over time the gas lift cylinder for your office chair can wear out, causing your chair to sink. With a range of spare parts and replacement gas lifts from 63mm deep through to 260mm, we have everything you need to fix your sinking chair.