Red Office Chairs

The intensity of the colour red makes it the perfect remedy for lazy, low-energy afternoons at work. Red is known to evoke energy, passion, strength and power. It also attracts attention instantly. So, to balance the intensity of red office chairs, it’s ideal to put them in a place with a neutral or light-coloured background.

Red office chairs also make for great accents in what would otherwise be too-plain work settings. At Arteil, fabric, vinyl and leather office chairs come in a range of red tones, such as Fuchsia, Poppy, Azalea, Boronia, Red, Scarlet, Pink, Orange, Flame, Fijian Sunset, Fire Engine, Volcano, Bubblegum, Paprika, Claret and Cherry.

For instant attention and a dose of energy, imbue your work area with the vitality and verve of a red office chair.

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