Green Office Chairs

Usually associated with nature, freshness, vitality, harmony, tranquillity and calmness, the colour green exudes different vibes depending on the intensity of the hue.

Richly coloured, dark velvety green office chairs would be suitable for healthcare and banking and finance settings. Meanwhile, lighter greens like lime look great in reception areas where the predominant background colour is white, pastel or some other light colour.

At Arteil, you can choose from vinyl, fabric and leather green office chairs. The range of green-toned hues available includes Pine, Ajuga, Kiwi, Mild Green, Caterpillar, Tropic Lime, Cool Aloe, Robin Egg, Peacock, Cascade and Smith.

Whichever shade of green you choose, our green office chairs at Arteil are made to inspire creativity and productivity. Go a shade or two darker if what you’re after is a relaxing, tranquil ambience.

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