Adjustable Desks

Free yourself from a sedentary work life with an Arteil sit-stand desk that lets you switch between sitting and standing for your own comfort. These adjustable desks in Perth are among the most popular standing desks in Australia.

Offering just the right amount of space for you to perform your tasks comfortably, whether sitting or standing, these ergonomically designed sit-stand desks in Perth are a must in every office. By giving your employees the freedom to choose how they work, you’re also helping enhance their job satisfaction and productivity.

With adjustable standing desks, you can harness the health benefits of spending less time in your chair, and doing more on your feet, including the reduction of cardiovascular health risks, blood sugar levels, back pain, as well as a lower chance of weight gain and obesity.

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Our sit-stand desk converter and range of electric sit-stand desks are the perfect complement to any of Arteil’s comfortable office chairs. So if you’re looking to make your workplace or home office a more comfortable, productive and healthier space, these sit and stand desks are the perfect solution.

Elevate Sit-Stand Desk Converter

An innovative solution for those seeking the comfort and convenience of an electric sit-stand desk in Australia minus the huge expense, the Elevate sit-stand desk converter lets you keep your existing table or desktop whilst providing all the advantages of a height-adjustable desk.

Elevate L Shape Sit-Stand Desk

Want a height-adjustable desk in Perth with ample table space? The three-legged electric Elevate L-Shape Sit-Stand Desk gives you plenty of legroom and lots of desk space, especially if you use more than one computer to do your job.

Elevate Sit-Stand Desk

Our most in-demand electric stand-up desk in Perth so far, the Elevate Sit-Stand Desk, has motorized legs that quietly, unobtrusively adjust to your desired height. The generous desk space gives you adequate room to put all your work necessities and do your job comfortably.

Adjustable Desk Accessories

Elevate sit-stand desk come with a 3-year warranty plus an optional power board and modesty panel.

For the ultimate in comfort and support when it comes to using office desks in your Perth workplace, you should also consider purchasing chair mats for sit-stand desks. These provide additional support as you alternate between sitting and standing.

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