unique australian cafe layout

Your café layout can be as unique as the customers you serve. Attract a wide variety of patrons by creating a comfortable, engaging atmosphere.

The right café interior design can encourage guests to become loyal customers. Here are some ideas for creating an inviting space everyone will love.

Design Café Layout With Comfort in Mind

All unique coffee shop décor ideas should include comfort. From rustic to minimalist, hipster and everything in between, there are plenty of café floor designs to fit your budget.

Regardless of which café design you choose, the furniture should be welcoming. Choose high-quality restaurant chairs that will turn first-time customers into returning patrons.

Fortunately, comfort comes in all shapes and sizes. Choose from café low stools, high stools, chairs with arms, chairs without arms and more. You can even mix and match your seating to accommodate specific themes and café layout ideas.

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Match all your furniture to the style and colours you have chosen. This helps define your brand and ensures you will stand out from the competition.

Choose from fabric or leather upholstered seating. The material should match your café style while being comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

When creating a unique café layout, always put your customers first. Think of the different ways they will fill your space and design around those details with comfort at the helm.

Unique Café Layout Themes

Use a theme to convey your brand. Conceptualise every aspect of your café layout from start to finish and be creative when bringing it to life. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Industrial Café Interior Design Theme

Industrial Cafe Layout


The industrial concept is used in warehouses and has become very popular for loft-style living spaces.

An industrial theme works great as a unique coffee shop idea because it creates an open space that is inviting. If the interior walls of your café are made of brick, an industrial theme is a great idea. Paint them for an authentic look or leave them as they are for a natural vibe.

An industrial theme is comprised of exposed architecture such as brick, pipes and beams. Use wire baskets as metal accents and block shapes with squared lines. Factory style industrial stools will be the perfect addition to complement this increasingly popular café layout style.

Mix the new with the old. For instance, hang a modern light fixture above a worn table.

Use darker colours such as maroon, black and grey. Throw in a little white for contrast.

Use pallets or reclaimed wood in the interior for a cosy environment. Choose metal tables and chairs to complement the look.

Hang copper lamps over the larger tables and use upholstered benches to add to the industrial decor. Larger parties can gather around them to chat or study.

Modern Theme Café Layout

Modern Cafe Layout


If you want to choose a modern theme, use smooth surfaces and crisp lines. Rather than adding a lot of intricate detail, go for minimalism.

A modern look is inviting and easy to create since it doesn’t require many items. Hang black and white pictures on the walls and strategically place a few potted plants throughout the café.

Use shelving units for storing items you will sell like ground coffee or mugs displaying your café insignia.

Create private seated window areas separated by partitions. These are perfect for patrons who want to get work done or just want a peaceful place to curl up with a book.

Blend the comfortable with the sophisticated. Use neutral colours and balance them with bold accessories, such as the Lotus Café chair which is available in five different colours. Or, use abstract art as your focal point.

Select your furniture comfortably. Choose a mix of large and small tables so you’ll be able to accommodate both large groups and intimate gatherings.

The chairs should also be inviting. While some customers will visit your café for a brief meal, others may hang out to complete work or talk with friends. Regardless of the duration, you want their stay to be enjoyable so make sure the style of your cafe chairs make your customers feel welcome.

A modern theme is characterised by metal accents like stainless steel and chrome. These will give your café a clean, sleek look. Choose shelving, tables and chairs made of these types of metal.

Retro Themed Cafe Shop Design

Retro Style Cafe Layout


You can create a retro theme for a fun coffee shop vibe. Mix neutral colours with copper shades, use pastels or go for bold.

Choose mid-century modern furniture for comfort and style. Place floor lamps beside intimate seating areas to create warmth. Use neutral colours for leather chairs and furniture made of reclaimed wood for yet another retro touch.

Use sleek café chairs with timber legs if you like to combine the retro look with a contemporary style.

Hang photos of well-known actors and musicians from the ‘70s and ‘80s. Play background music from the era along with newer songs that will suit all ages.

Hipster Theme Café Layout Ideas

Hipster Style Cafe Layout


Give your café a hipster theme with fast wi-fi, hand-written chalkboards and paintings from local artists. People often find these spots quaint, cosy and very unique. It also promotes the local community and adds character to the area.

Hang vinyl records on the wall for nostalgia. Put board games on side tables, or smaller games on each café table for customers to play. This creates a vibrant atmosphere perfect for socialising.

A café chair that would perfectly complement the hipster style, is the Stella Chrome 4 Leg chair which comes with a strong engineered steel frame and quality materials used for comfort and durability.

Optimal Lighting For Your Café Layout


Lighting is an important part of creating a café vibe. Here are some ways to optimise your lighting.

Use natural light when possible to create a relaxing ambience. This will also help you conserve energy and save money.

Use cool lights during the day. They blend well with natural light. Warm lighting works well in the evening to create a soft contrast with the dark.

Hang string lights above the counter are a great idea for unique look. They will help draw attention to sale items you have placed on or near this area.

When choosing lighting, consider the vibe of your café. Sometimes it isn’t necessary to change the type of lighting used for day and night because doing so may completely change the atmosphere.

Café Floor Design

Rustic Cafe Layout Floor


Flooring is an important part of your café layout. It adds to the overall décor and can be used to make a subtle or bold statement about your business.

Choose rustic wood flooring for an old-timey look. Use traditional tiles or a whimsical mosaic design for a unique and memorable touch.

Choose tiles with bold designs or colours that match your café colour scheme. If the floor is already made of concrete, consider painting it for a more modern appeal, but be sure to protect the surface from sliding chair bases.

Find the Best Café Chairs to Suit Your Unique Layout

If you need advice on finding café chairs that match your personalized café layout, talk to our friendly and experienced team members who are happy to help you find chairs that add comfort and style to your café or restaurant.

With over 40 years’ experience under our belt, we have helped many Australian cafes find the best possible seating options for their unique café layout.