The 10 Best Home Office Chairs for 2021

​If you’re working from home, it makes perfect sense to invest in a comfortable, sturdy, and supportive office chair. Remember, you’ll be spending roughly five hours or more in your home workspace, so it’s important to get a home office chair that not only supports your arms and back properly but can also be adjusted for maximum comfort.

To help you pick out the best office chair for your needs, here’s a rundown of the best home office chairs for 2023:

1. Austen MK1

Austen MK1 Office Chair - Sliding Seat

The Austen MK1 is an armless office chair that comes highly recommended for home and office use. It comes with Arteil’s Air Lumbar inflatable lower back support system and four chair adjustments: seat height, seat angle, back height, and back angle.

Its Duomatic mechanism makes it easy to make adjustments for your utmost comfort, whilst the moulded black outer back is sturdy and supportive. It also has standard castors which make the Austen MK1 suitable for carpeted floors and chair mats. Additionally, there’s an optional sliding seat if you want to increase seat depth.

We offer delivery of the Austen MK1 to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, ACT, Darwin, Hobart, and Perth.

2. Synchro Mesh Executive

Exceptional comfort KAB Controller

Built for extended and frequent use, nothing beats a heavyweight like the Synchro Mesh Executive home office desk chair. It has a comfortable mesh back rest designed to keep you cool, making it ideal for use even during the hot summer months.

This reclining office chair is one of the most durable and versatile mesh chairs there is — it is tested to accommodate people weighing 136 kilograms. It features an optional adjustable headrest and height-adjustable arms. You can customise its comfort features by using the five chair adjustments for the seat height, seat angle, back height, back angle, and Synchro mechanism for the sliding seat and ratchet back.

Shipping is available to WA, SA, QLD, ACT, NSW, VIC, TAS, and NT, so contact us today to place your Synchro Mesh Executive order.

3. Regal Executive High Back Office Chair

Regal Executive High Back Chair - Front

Nothing evokes luxury quite as easily as the handsomely built Regal Executive High Back done in high-quality upholstered leather. This supremely comfortable chair has leather arms and is available in three colours: black, chocolate, and tan.

The Regal Executive is sure to top office desk chair reviews on the most luxurious models designed for relaxation as you can simply nestle into its softness in silence while you indulge in some valuable ‘me time.’ Of course, it’ll also keep you comfy while working from home or attending an online meeting.

4. Gryphon MK 1

Gryphon MK1

If you’re looking for a sustainable chair built for an eco-friendly lifestyle, look no further than the bestselling Gryphon MK1. It is part of Arteil’s eco-friendly Gryphon range of chairs.

The armless Gryphon MK1 could also be the best computer chair you’ve been looking for, featuring four chair adjustments for the seat height, seat angle, back height, and back angle, and its easy-to-use Duomatic mechanism. Its moulded black outer back and 5-star black base ensure optimum durability and support.

Delivery is available to Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania, Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory.

5. Regal Executive Low Back Office Chair

Regal Executive Low Back Chair - Angle

Another one of Arteil’s more luxurious office chairs, the Regal Low Back Executive chair is perfectly suited for the office, boardroom, and study. Enjoy its ultra comfortable upholstered leather base and arms.

Nestle in this gentle, supportive chair that comes with four chair adjustments: seat height, seat angle, back height, and back angle with its flexible Synchro Tilt mechanism. This chair is so comfortable you might find yourself sitting in it for hours — though we advise you to take breaks in between.

6. VIX Mesh Office Chair

Vix Mesh Chair - Front Side View - White

For homes with contemporary interiors, the sleek and sexy VIX Mesh Office Chair will match your home perfectly. As one of the top office chairs on this list, expect nothing less than cooling comfort with its mesh backing.

To ensure your maximum comfort, the VIX Mesh Office Chair has four chair adjustments: seat height, seat angle, back angle, and its sliding seat with Synchro Tilt mechanism. For those seeking additional comfort features, the VIX Mesh Office Chair is equipped with an optional headrest and optional adjustable arms. It is available in two variants: white frame and blue seat or black frame with charcoal seat.

7. Kube Chair

Kube Chair in patterned upholstery

You may be working from home, but there could be times when personal meetings are inevitable. To ensure your business partners or colleagues are comfortable during these meetings, have your Kube Chair ready.

This cosy, pretty yet sturdy chair has upholstered arms and timber legs. Made from commercial-grade upholstery, the Kube Chair is guaranteed to keep receiving guests for years to come.

8. Sterling High Back Executive Chair

Sterling High Back Executive Chair - Front angle view

Beautifully designed, with leather arms and made of upholstered black leather, the luxurious and sleek Sterling High Back Executive Chair is suitable for working in the office, boardroom or your home workspace.

As one of the best home office chairs for lower back pain, the Sterling High Back features a Locking Swivel and Tilt mechanism for adjusting the seat tilt and locking seat angle, and a seat height adjustment control.

9. Sapphire Wide Low Back Heavy Duty

Sapphire Wide Low Back Chair

For people with bigger physiques, the Sapphire Wide Low Back is another heavy-duty chair that’s guaranteed to support up to 150 kilograms. To adequately accommodate larger frames, it comes with a custom heavy-duty Tiltamatic mechanism. It also has the standard four chair adjustments for the seat height, seat angle, back height, and back angle.

The Sapphire Wide Low Back has a fabric outer back and a polished aluminium base engineered for durability.

10. Matrix Mesh Task Chair


Who said that the best office chairs for home use need to be incredibly pricey? With the Matrix Mesh Task Chair, both your back and your pocket will thank you for your choice as it’s the best budget desk chair there is.

This armless office chair has a mesh back rest to ensure you stay cool even in the warmer months, and a four-chair Duomatic adjustment mechanism that lets you customise the seat height, seat angle, back height, and back angle.

Seen an office chair that you like?

Pro Tips to Find the Best Chair for Your Home Office

Even if you have hours devoted to finding the best chair for your home office, it’s better to know exactly what qualities to look for. So, to guide you on your search, here are some pro tips to consider:

  • Check for lumbar support. Go for a model with an adjustable backrest that follows the natural shape of the spine and supports the lower back.
  • When you sit in the chair, your feet should rest flat on the floor. Make the necessary adjustments to the chair height if your feet are hanging or your knees are higher than your hips.
  • Make sure the arm rests are located close to the body and allow your shoulders to relax.
  • To avoid straining your shoulders, choose a chair with an arm height-adjustable feature to help you match the height of the armrests to the height of the desk.
  • When you are seated and looking forward, you should be seeing the centre of the computer screen to prevent both neck and eye strain.
  • Ideally, the back of the chair should reach all the way up to the middle of the shoulder blades or above the shoulder to provide adequate support.
  • The chair seat or base must be long enough to accommodate two or three finger lengths between it and your knees.
  • Check the wheelbase or castors to ensure these are suitable for the floor surface in your workspace, whether it’s made of hard flooring material or covered with a carpet.
  • To enable easy access to various office supplies or workspace equipment, make sure your chair has a swivel base. This feature will also help you prevent developing arm fatigue.
  • Choose a chair made of breathable fabric or one with a mesh backrest if you’ll be using your chair for extended hours.


Hopefully, you’ve found this office chair review helpful. If you have any questions regarding the chairs featured here or need some advice regarding your seating requirements, please get in touch with Arteil.