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There are many styles of office chairs out there, depending on your style and needs. One popular type of office chair is an office chair with no arms. Desk chairs without arms can add a unique appearance to your office and allow for more movement than chairs with handles. However, whether or not an armless office chair is right for you depends on a variety of different factors.

Read this article to learn more about the details regarding office chairs without arms, the pros and cons that they offer, and other key considerations to keep in mind when shopping for your office.

12 Considerations for desk chair without arms

When it comes to an office-chair-no-arms combination, there’s a lot to consider! Here are twelve crucial elements to think over before making the transition to a desk chair without arms:

1. Ergonomic benefits

Armless office chairs can offer several potential ergonomic benefits. They are able to accommodate a variety of different seating styles and arrangements and can be easily moved as needed. These models of chairs are also especially ideal for workplaces where a lot of movement is required.

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2. Health considerations

One of the most common potential problems with armless desk chairs is that they can cause many people to lean forward. Leaning forward is a familiar problem for many office workers and people who spend lots of time typing, and can cause neck, shoulder, and lower back pain.

Sitting without arm support for long periods of time can trigger or worsen these issues. For this reason, armless chairs are best used in office settings where workers are getting up and moving frequently, rather than sitting still for long hours of work.

3. Lack of arm support

While a desk chair without arms does allow for less restricted movement, it can also have some potential drawbacks. Some studies have suggested that forearm supports have the potential to reduce the risk of developing neck and back injuries later on.

In many cases, arm support can be a matter of preference. Some people may find the lack of support in computer chairs uncomfortable, especially those who tend to work long hours. Offering a few different options for workers is often a wise choice, especially from an accessibility standpoint.

When in doubt, consult with your workers and get a feel for their needs and preferences regarding traditional task chairs.

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4. Suitability for different tasks

One of the best pros of armless chairs is the flexibility that they provide. Without armrests, workers have extra space to move around and sit how they desire.

However, it’s important to note that armless chairs aren’t always the best choice in every situation. Consider the needs of your workers and if they’re regularly performing tasks that require prolonged sitting or stability. If this is the case, a more supportive chair may be a better option.

5. Suitability for different users

Armless chairs can be quite practical for accommodating a wide range of users, offering comfort without the constraint of chair arms. With armless chairs, office workers have more freedom to sit in different positions, as well as move around freely. However, certain workers may require more supportive chairs, so be sure to consider accessibility when deciding what kind of office chair is right for your office.

Office space with various styles of armless office chairs.

6. Space efficiency

Another great perk of armless chairs is the space that they can save! Office chairs without arms are ideal for smaller workspaces, home offices or even visitor chairs in your reception area. They also help to add an appearance of minimalism, since there aren’t armrests.

7. Variety and options

When shopping for armless chairs for your office, there is a wide range of styles and materials available catering to various tastes and budgets. Here at Arteil, we offer many styles, as well as customisation options, allowing you to craft the perfect armless chair.

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8. Aesthetics

The sleek design of armless office chairs can be appealing to many people too. Their minimalist design can help add a modern, low-fuss aesthetic to your office and can complement existing decor. Armless office chairs come in a huge array of colours, fabrics, sizes, and styles.

9. Cost-effectiveness

Depending on the model purchased, armless office chairs may also be more cost-effective than traditional chairs. Some of the factors that influence chair price include:

  • Materials
  • Brand
  • Delivery costs
  • Additional features or customisation options

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10. Flexibility and mobility

When it comes to flexibility and mobility, armless chairs are tough to beat. These kinds of chairs allow for easier movement and adaptability in different work settings. The flexibility that they offer not only can increase worker comfort, but also productivity.

11. Potential limitations

The most important potential downside to consider when deciding whether or not to buy an armless office chair is the potential limitations and restrictions they can cause. It’s critical to remember that chairs with a lack of arm support aren’t good choices for workers sitting for long periods of time.

Lack of arm support for certain tasks can cause discomfort, bad posture and lower productivity, so keep in mind these may be workers who prefer more structured seating.

Modern office space, with long desk and several armless office chairs.

12. Maintenance and durability

Regular maintenance and care can add to the longevity and durability of your office chair. Some tips for caring for and cleaning your office chair include:

  • Inspect office chairs from time to time for loose bolts and wear and tear
  • Vacuum your office chair without arms
  • Wipe the office chair down with a dry towel to remove dust and dirt (or if damp, if needed)
  • Don’t forget to clean up the wheels and remove any debris
  • Try to avoid direct sunlight, which can fade or distort fabric colours

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