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​Back in late 2016, it was reported that one in three Australian employees worked from home. By March 2020, due mainly to the COVID-19 pandemic, 88 per cent of Australian companies required or urged their employees to work from home.

But as restrictions gradually ease in the country, some companies are expected to go back to conventional office-based work setups. However, the benefits of home-based, remote or telework alternatives are no longer lost on anyone.

So, if you’ll continue working from home full-time or even just part of the time after everything goes back to the “new normal,” you’ll probably need an ergonomic office workstation designed for comfort and efficiency.

To make it easier for you to find the perfect home office desk set, here’s our guide to eight of the best home office furniture this 2023.

1. Elevate L-Shape Sit-Stand Desk

Elevate L-Shape Sit-Stand Desk

The benefits of sit and stand desks have been known for quite some time. Aside from allowing users to take a break from the usual sedentary position while working, this type of desk helps reduce the incidence of back pain, increase energy and boost productivity. Standing helps burn more calories, thereby helping with weight loss and reducing the risk of heart disease. 

The Elevate L-shape sit-stand desk provides all of these benefits. This model is an electric sit-stand desk featuring motors on each leg, which help to seamlessly adjust the height of the desk as you sit and stand. The L-shape makes this model a spacious sit-stand desk option, and you can even have a modesty panel attached to it, as well as a power board, if you want one. You would be surprised to hear how the perfect desk height impacts your health and productivity. 

​2. Elevate Standard Sit-Stand Desk

Elevate Standard Sit-Stand Desk

Just like its L-shaped counterpart, the Elevate standard sit-stand desk offers all of the benefits of standing desks. This electric sit-stand desk has motors on each leg to facilitate easy height adjustment for when you want to change from a seated to a standing position. It also comes with an optional modesty panel and power board.

3. Elevate Sit-Stand Desk Converter

Elevate Sit-Stand Desk Converter

The Elevate sit-stand desk converter is an excellent, cost-effective alternative for those who already have an existing desk that they want to keep using.

This sit-stand desk converter can easily fit onto your current desktop, so you can keep your existing work table while enjoying all the benefits that sit-stand desks are known for. The keyboard and monitor can be raised to a height of 430 millimetres. There are options for single, double and triple monitors.

4. KAB ACS Executive Chair

KAB ACS Executive Chair

Feel just like the CEO of your own company (perhaps you really are) while working from home with the KAB ACS Executive. This ergonomic chair is made with upholstered leather, so it can handle significant wear and tear – whether it’s just you sitting and doing your work, or if your kid or pet happens to flop down on your lap with every intention of staying there as you do your job.

This intensive-use chair is designed to give you the support you need for long hours of work. It has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it is able to withstand hours upon hours of use. With a height and tilt adjustable headrest, body-contoured cushions, tip-up armrests, backrest recline, height and tilt rocker tension adjustment and air lumbar support, you can sit in this chair and work all day in comfort. Of course, you can always pair this with a sit-stand desk so you can give your back some much-needed break from sitting.

5. Sapphire Wide Low Back Heavy Duty Chair

Sapphire Wide Low Back Heavy Duty Chair

If you have a large build, the Sapphire Wide Low Back is perfect for you. With commercial-grade upholstery and quality materials, this heavy-duty chair can handle as much as 150 kilograms. It is totally adjustable, including the seat height, seat angle, back height and back angle, to give you comfort and durability. This hardworking chair can also be perfectly matched with a sit and stand desk, so you can shift between sitting and standing easily.

6. Gryphon MK1

Gryphon MK1

The Gryphon MK1 home and office chair has a sliding seat and commercial-grade upholstery, so you can expect it to last for years. This armless chair makes it easy to swivel from one side to the other, especially if you have an L-shaped work desk.

This ergonomic chair can be customised to suit your seat height, seat angle, back height and back angle preferences. It also features a sliding seat and ratchet back that are optimised for the prevention of certain disorders associated with prolonged sitting, such as back pain, bad posture symptoms and blood circulation, as well as cervical spondylosis (among women).

Delivery is available across all Australian states including Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania, Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory.

7. Liberty Kneeling Chair

Liberty Kneeling Chair

The ergonomically designed Liberty kneeling chair is designed to help you maintain a good posture while sitting, even for prolonged periods. You can adjust the seat height as needed. It also has polyurethane (PU) castors, so it is highly suitable for hard floors.

Kneeling chairs allow you to comfortably lean forward as you sit, thereby decreasing stress on the back while also engaging the core and strengthening it in the process. With a kneeling chair, you can strengthen your psoas muscle and core muscles, which, in turn, provide the back more support. It also prevents spinal compression.

8. Synchro Mesh Executive Chair

Synchro Mesh Executive Chair

The Synchro Mesh Executive Chair helps the body maintain an upright posture and minimise stress on muscles and joints. Naturally accommodating, the Synchro mesh chair can comfortably seat most body types up to a maximum of 136kg, while also providing similar levels of support and comfort.

Its durable mesh backrest allows for maximum breathability, so the Synchro is quite suitable for users who tend to sweat profusely, as well as for use during warmer months. Although its headrest and armrests are optional, you can expect its other ergonomic features (adjustable seat height, seat tilt, locking seat angle) to provide you the comfort and support you need to work efficiently.

Shipping is available to WA, SA, QLD, ACT, NSW, VIC, TAS, and NT, so contact us today to place your Synchro Mesh Executive order.

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