Office decorating ideas can transform your workspace into a welcoming and inspiring environment.

Looking for some inspiration for your workplace? A few office decorating ideas may be just what you need. With full-time employees spending eight hours daily in the office, that adds up to almost 2,500 hours yearly. Spending that much time in a gloomy office can have a negative effect, which is often reflected in high employee turnover rates.

However, the secret to making your office an oasis of creative and high-performing minds is all in the decor, ergonomic seating and ambience. In this blog, we’ll explore key office decorating ideas and share a few tips on how to transform your workspace into a welcoming and inspiring environment.


The importance of office decor

A stylish office with a team collaborating together around a table, with a bright feature wall.

Good office decor creates a high-performance environment for the employees. Laura Ingalls Wilder once said, “Home is the sweetest word there is,” and decor plays a key role in making the home feel like, well, home. Here are a few benefits your team may get from employing good decor principles around the office space.

1. Office decor bolsters employee morale

Employees spend a considerable chunk of their time at the office, so decorating makes sense to add to the ambient value.

By employing office decorating ideas, you boost company morale by showing the employees that you care about the environment they spend their days in.

2. Improves performance

With the right environment getting your employees excited to clock into work, inviting interiors that inspire creativity are worth the investment. Just sit back and watch the performance charts peak.

3. Feel happier and healthier

The right decor has a marked effect on the overall mood and wellbeing. Decorations create positive vibes, making people more cheerful and ready to solve any problems they may face.


Firstly, assess your current office decor

An inviting office decor with blurred woman walking past.

Generally, ordinary offices have boring colours that wash out the workplace. It’s also common to have the same size of furniture for every employee. You don’t need to be a scientist to know that people are unique so a one-size-fits-all approach can be challenging, especially for tall people.

This will simply not work, especially with chairs. Fortunately, with a little adjustment, you can create an  oasis of productivity we all want it to be.


Firstly, assess your current office decor and style

All office decoration ideas must follow certain rules to achieve stunning and awe-inspiring decor results. Here are a few office ideas you should factor in when decorating.

Lighting is everything

Stylish office interior filled with natural light and stylish ceiling fixtures.

For starters, natural lighting can make or break your decor. Work to let in as much natural lighting as your windows allow. There is no such thing as too much natural light.

If you can’t get enough natural light into the room, don’t fret, you can still make a world of difference by playing around with different sources such as task lighting and lamps.


Balance is a concept that plays a key role in interior decor. It implies maintaining a balance between the different elements. Too much of anything can become an eyesore and cause feelings of overwhelming to the viewer.

Balancing colours may be the most important aspect of balance in the office area.


You can’t plan and execute office decor with panache if you do not have a theme to work with. Every room can have a theme, or the entire company can go with one theme.

Working with a theme makes the decorating process a breeze because it guides your colour choice, decor pieces, and even the texture to use.

Lines, form, and pattern

Lines and forms can easily be balanced out by breaking up the office floor into different and unique sections. On the other hand, maintaining a pattern in the office can help the environment feel more at ease and comfortable.


Using items like mirrors to decorate is a brilliant idea, but placing them in a place where they are not needed may be redundant. This is the concept of function.

Office furniture and decor should have a function in the landscape, or else you will end up with a cluttered workplace that is not ideal for high performance.


Office decoration ideas

Office design ideas don’t need to be an esoteric concept. When it comes to office decor – the simpler, the better. Here are a few ways you can decorate your workplace to make it more aesthetically pleasing and a delight to work in. These are simple and effective desk decor ideas to transform your workspace.

Add a splash of colour

Office decorating ideas: A relaxed office with team members sitting in casual space with on bright yellow sofa and accent wall.

Different studies conducted worldwide have unanimously discovered that colour has a marked effect on mood, behaviour and overall wellbeing. Different colour schemes can reduce stress, increase alertness or creating a calming affect.

Colour in the office can be introduced in a variety of ways, including colourful furniture such as a coffee table or a piece of eclectic furniture, large artwork, brightly painted accent wall,  and colourful decorative pieces.

Personalise your desk decor

Office decor ideas: Desk decor inspiration using colour and accessories to add personality.

Create your own space and use your personal style to decorate your desk. When you feel at home, you’ll be more comfortable and productive during the work day.

Framed art, desk accessories or a custom chair are great ways to showcase your personality. Your desk can do double duty by transforming a functional piece into a fun focal point to inspire creativity and improve mental health.

Quality office seating and furniture

Most employees spend hours at their desks, which can be hell when using an ill-designed office chair. When picking out chairs for the office, you want to go for an ergonomic chair designed to support long hours working at your desk. A well designed computer chair will help reduce lower back pain and improve bad posture – as well as adding a stylish element to your office interiors.

Arteil can supply your office with custom-designed office chairs that fit each employee’s physical dimensions. Personalising furnishings for your employees can help build loyalty, and improve business morale and performance.

Investing in adjustable desks is another great way to create a comfortable work space. A sit-stand desk is a good option for employees who feel more comfortable and productive standing when they work.

Get in contact with Arteil today to view their range of ergonomic chairs, reclining office chairs and custom chairs.

Liven things up with green plants

Office decorating ideas: a textured accent wall with vertical plants.

Everything’s better with plants. Placing some potted plants at strategic locations around the office gives it a warm and inviting feel. Even putting a small plant on your desk can make a difference. In this regard, don’t be shy to add hanging plants and fresh flowers as long as they are not too distracting.

Temperature control

The truth is no amount of office decor can compensate for the wrong temperature at your workplace. If it’s too hot or too cold, no one will have an easy time getting their work done. When deciding on the right temperature, always take into consideration the temperature outside.


Say goodbye to boring office spaces with Arteil

Going to work doesn’t need to be the most dreadful part of your day, thanks to these helpful decor tips. It’s about time you transform your workplace experience into a much warmer and more colourful place.

With the right decor, lights, temperature, and ergonomic chairs, the workplace has the potential to become your new chill spot.