Best Sit Stand Desks Australia

Top 3 Sit-Stand Desks in Australia

We’re all familiar with the health risks that come with a sedentary lifestyle, not the least of which include bad posture, chronic pain, cardiovascular diseases and weight gain. The problem, of course, is that for most people working in offices, sitting (nearly) all day is the norm.

But whether you’re working in an office or from home, there’s an easy and convenient way to prevent becoming totally sedentary while on your desk job. You can avoid the need to sit at your job simply by using the best sit-stand desk in Australia.

Standing not only keeps you moving and helps with better circulation, but it also helps with improving posture. And while using a standing office desk is not a magical salve to cure all ills, it can help you break the monotony of being seated all day. It can help relieve backaches and boost creativity and productivity.

So, if you’re curious to know more about the best standing desks in Australia, you’re in the right place. Here, we’ll talk about everything standing workstation-related and help you choose the best sit-stand desk.

Are sit-stand desks worth it?

With all the hype surrounding sit-stand desks in Australia and most everywhere, you may wonder if the best standing desks can really make a difference to your health.

One workplace study conducted in 2018 called “Stand Up to Work: Assessing the Health Impacts of Adjustable Workstations” revealed that adjustable workstations (AWS) could help in decreasing sedentary behaviour. Giving people options to sit or stand while working encouraged them to not only stand but also integrate some movement to their work.

This research was conducted over a 12-month period, and the findings showed that AWS use was linked to higher productivity levels, better concentration and overall health improvement. In the end, the researchers suggested that “when considering total worker health, employers should include options for AWS to promote reducing sedentary behaviour.”

In addition to this, some health experts agree that although the calories expended during standing compared to sitting are not hugely significant, standing appears to minimise the risk of developing shoulder and back pain. Moreover, people’s blood sugar levels after a meal appear to return to normal faster on days when they spend more time standing.

Of course, you might not want to be standing all day, which is precisely why the best-rated standing desks exist. These adjustable workstations allow you to modify the height of your table or workspace, thus enabling you to switch easily from sitting to standing and vice versa. There’s absolutely no need to rearrange your desk or for you to move to a different table.

Sit-stand desk options

When it comes to AWS, standing desk or sit-stand desk solutions, you can opt for the best sit-stand desk converter or the best electric sit-stand desk in Australia. The first option is called an on-desk solution, whilst the second alternative is a whole desk replacement.

On-desk solutions are more affordable, but they give you just enough table space for your computer or laptop. Whole desk replacements can be manual or electric and are generally more expensive. Also, choosing this option entails replacing your current office desk. But you can go as little or as big as you want with on-desk solutions — sometimes with enough room to have two monitors and perhaps even a third one or a laptop.

The best sit-stand desks in Australia

Now, it’s time to go over some of the best sit-stand desks you’ll ever find in Australia.

1. Elevate Sit-Stand Desk Converter

Elevate Sit-Stand Desk Converter

Arteil’s on-desk solution, the Elevate Sit Stand Desk Converter, is designed to fit directly onto your existing table or desk. With a desk converter, there’s no need to change your table as it’s designed to sit on top of your existing desk. Thus, it provides all the advantages of using a sit-stand desk without the big price tag.

Key features:

• Four-position programmable handset
• Can raise the keyboard and monitor by as much as 430mm
• Two-year warranty
• Options: Single, double or triple monitors
• Available in black and white

2. Elevate Sit-Stand Desk – L Shape

Elevate L-Shape Sit-Stand Desk

The Elevate L Shape Sit-Stand Desk is undoubtedly one of the best adjustable desks in Australia. In fact, users can’t seem to stop raving about it in ergonomic desk reviews. Some users even go as far as saying Arteil sit-stand desks are so much better than those made by Ikea.

The innovative Elevate L Shape Sit-Stand Desk has motors on each leg, making it a stable, reliable and spacious standing desktop. It’s the best option for users who need extra space for more than one monitor.

Key features:
• Easily adjustable motorised legs
• Spacious desktop at 1800mm x 750mm
• Three-year warranty
• Desktop colours available in Virginia walnut or warm white
• Desk frame colours available in black or white
• Optional extras: modesty panel and power board

3. Elevate Sit-Stand Desk – Standard

Elevate Standard Sit-Stand Desk

The standard Elevate Sit Stand Desk is another innovative Arteil whole desk replacement solution that features motorised legs. It has a typical rectangular table shape. However, users who require more space have three options to choose from depending on their requirements.

Key features:
• Easily adjustable motorised legs
• Three desktop sizes: 1200mm x 800mm, 1500mm x 800mm, 1800mm x 800mm
• Three-year warranty
• Desktop colours available in Virginia walnut or warm white
• Desk frame colours available in black or white
• Optional extras: modesty panel and power board

8 Tips to find the best sit-stand computer desk for you

In your search for the best sit-stand computer desk, always check the following first:

  1. Workspace: Whether you’re working in an office with cubicles, a flexible workplace or working from home, it’s crucial to know the dimensions of the area where you’ll be putting your motorized standing desk. Measure your work area and make some space allowances where possible to avoid feeling cramped.
  2. Desk converter vs a full-size sit-stand desk: Knowing this will determine your budget as well as narrow down your options.
  3. Equipment setup: Would you be using a laptop or multiple monitors and additional hardware? Your answer will help you decide how much desk space you need.
  4. Manual or electric: If you’re planning on getting the best computer standing desk there is, you should also decide whether it’s one that you can adjust manually or one that’s electrically powered.
  5. Budget: Finding an affordable standing desk may be a priority, but always strive to strike a balance between functionality, quality and value.
  6. Product reviews: There are a lot of sit-stand desk options in the market. But if you know the specific model or brand you want, you can check online reviews about them that touch upon quality, functionality, value, ease of use and customer service. Make sure you check on multiple review sites so you get a holistic view of how each product is performing.
  7. Brand reputation: Whether you’re a single user or a business owner who wants to provide AWS options to your employees, it’s best to find a company you can rely on to provide excellent customer service. You want to buy from a manufacturer that can stand by the quality of their products and prioritises customer satisfaction.
  8. Accessories: Aside from the sit-stand desks themselves, there are other accessories you might want to purchase to enhance your (or your employees’) AWS experience. Modesty panels, anti-fatigue chair mats, power boards and perhaps even ergonomic computer chairs can all be considered essential items for optimum convenience and comfort. If you can get all these from the same company, you’ll have the assurance that you’ll be getting high-quality products with good warranties.

Factors/features that make for the best stand-up workstation

During your search for the best stand-up workstation or standing desk, make sure you consider these factors/features:

  • Method of height adjustment: Whether you’re going for a sit-stand desk with a manual or electric height adjustment feature, it should be unobtrusive, quiet, seamless and simple. The height adjustments possible should be able to accommodate various working postures and standard desk heights, that is, if different people working in shifts will be using common tables.
  • Stability and safety: The best ergonomic desks for home offices as well as corporate workplaces should be sturdy and able to withstand loads commonly required in your line of work or industry. If you need to have several monitors or just a laptop, bins, shelves or other items on your work surface, the best sit-stand desk for you should be able to handle the total weight of these items.
  • Seamless usability: Your entire work desk should be easy to use. If you need to include accessories, these should seamlessly integrate into your sit-stand desk system for maximum usability.

Which sit-stand desks to avoid

Given the benefits associated with sit-stand desks, you might be wondering if there’s a type you should avoid. Obviously, single actuator or manual height adjustable desks are not as easy or convenient to use as their electric or fully motorised counterparts.

Manually height-adjustable desks are also usually heavier, have a lower weight capacity and limited height levels, which can all be deal-breakers if your priority is mobility and flexibility.

Pros and cons of sit-stand desks

Sit-stand desks are wonderful, innovative alternatives to conventional workspaces.
However, there are pros and cons of sit-stand desks that you need to be aware of.

The pros:

  • Sit-stand desks can help improve posture and provide relief from pain, as they give users the freedom to choose between sitting and standing while working.
  • Standing can help with weight management through the additional calories burned — about 8 calories more per hour compared to sitting.
  • Alternating between sitting and standing can boost concentration and productivity.

The cons:

  • Most sit-stand desks are suitable for use with monitor screens and not so much with laptops.
  • Users need extra storage space to keep their redundant or unused office chair so it doesn’t impede work.
  • Height-adjustable desks simply cannot carry the same loads their conventional counterparts can, especially if you want books, a printer and other items on yours aside from your computer.

Get the most out of sit-stand desks in Australia

Sit-stand desks may not be the cure-all for all the aches and pains associated with sedentary work.
However, they are an easy and convenient alternative that gives you the freedom to reduce the hours you spend sitting. Moreover, they can make switching positions a habit, which can benefit not only your health but also your focus, productivity and overall wellbeing.

If you’re interested in getting a sit-stand desk for yourself or your company, please reach out to Arteil.

Arteil products are known for being ergonomic, innovative and high quality.

But rather than taking our word for it, it’ll be best for you to experience the benefits yourself.