Office Chairs No Wheels

For a while now, office chairs with wheels seem to dominate the market. If you look at your own office, you’ll find that most (if not all) of the chairs have wheels. Admittedly, having wheels on your office chair has a lot of advantages and it can be super fun to do an office chair race. But have you ever stopped to think of the benefits of using office chairs with no wheels?

In this post, we’ll talk about the pros and cons of wheeled and non-wheeled chairs, and introduce you to another alternative: chairs with optional glides.

Office chairs with wheels

Wheeled office chairs are popular because of the following advantages:

  • They have a swivel mechanism that makes them highly mobile.
  • They come in a wide range of models.
  • They feature height-adjustable seats and armrests.

However, wheeled office chairs also come with a few disadvantages:

  • They are generally more expensive.
  • They can be difficult to assemble.
  • They are generally unsuitable for hard or wooden floors, so you need to install carpets or floor coverings.
  • They don’t look so great in home offices.
  • Their swivel feature can be annoying for some people.

Office chairs without wheels

With so many chair models with wheels, you might wonder why one would consider getting one without wheels. Well, office chairs with no wheels provide the following benefits:

  • They are generally less expensive (including high-quality models) compared to wheeled models.
  • They are simpler and easier to assemble.
  • They come with floor guards and work well even with hard floors.
  • They are clearly the better choice for offices with wooden floors or if the desk and chair are placed on a platform or riser.
  • They look better in home offices.

Of course, just like office chairs with wheels, non-wheeled office chairs have a few downsides, too:

  • They are not mobile, unlike their wheeled counterparts.
  • There are fewer models to choose from.
  • Most of them don’t have adjustable armrests and seat heights.

A third choice: Office chairs with glides

Choosing between office chairs with or without wheels is usually influenced by one’s budget, as well as the features you want to prioritise. However, did you know that you actually have a third choice?

Arteil chairs with optional glides are suitable even for hard or wooden floors. They also have all the comfort features you want in an office chair, including a swivel feature and adjustable seat and armrest heights.

You can have glides with the following Arteil chair ranges:


Gyrphon Range - office chairs without wheels

Our Gryphon chair range is not only one of our most popular selections.

There are five distinct chair models in our Gryphon range, namely the Gryphon Executive, Gryphon Maxi, Gryphon MK1, Gryphon MK3, and the Gryphon MK4 Stool. All five models can be customised to have height-adjustable arms — or without arms, too. You also have the option to choose the castors you want. If you opt for gliders instead, you’ll have a perfect swivel chair with no wheels with the Gryphon.

Shipping is available to WA, SA, QLD, ACT, NSW, VIC, TAS, and NT, so contact us today to place your Gryphon MK1 order.



Sapphire Range - desk chair without wheels

Definitely one of our more versatile chair ranges, the Sapphire is known for offering superior lumbar support. Sapphire chairs come with a wider range of seat sizes and there are heavy-duty options for larger users. If you want a custom chair done in a special size, you can check if this option is available with the model you want.

The chair models under the Sapphire range are the Sapphire MK1, Sapphire MK1 Impact Back, Sapphire MK1 PB, Sapphire MK3 PB, and Sapphire Wide Low Back Heavy Duty.

If you purchase Sapphire chairs with glides for your office, you will find these to be supremely comfortable desk chairs without wheels.



Zenith Range - no wheel desk chair

Arteil’s Zenith chairs are certainly stylish and come in two models: the Zenith MK1 and Zenith MK3.

The Zenith has a characteristic ratchet back, pronounced lumbar support, and is completely ergonomic for your comfort. So, if ergonomics is non-negotiable for you, the Zenith with glides is your ideal no-wheel desk chair.

Our Zenith range also comes in a wider variety of seat sizes, and you can even have us customise a special seat size if you’re going for the MK1.



Karis Range - height adjustable chair without wheels

The Karis range is another group of fashionable Arteil office chairs that you can get glides for. Under this range, there’s the Karis MK1 with its optional air lumbar support and extra seat foam. If you order either the Karis MK3 or Karis MK4 Stool, you can ask for extra seat foam based on your comfort requirements.



Denver Range

The Denver range has the perfect combination of affordability and being completely ergonomic, with optional air lumbar support. All three chair models — the Denver MK1, Denver Maxi, and Denver MK3 — are 120kg-rated. The MK1 and Maxi are both high-backed task chairs, whilst the MK3 features a medium back.

If you fit a Denver chair with glides instead of castors, it’ll be your most comfortable computer chair without wheels.



Austen Range - comfortable desk chairs without wheels

With glides instead of castors, our Austen range might just be the best height-adjustable chair without wheels that you’re looking for. It comes in three elegant models: Austen MK1, Austen MK3, and Austen Executive.

Both Austen MK1 and Austen MK3 come with a 135mm gas lift, whilst the Austen Executive has a 100mm gas lift. All three are fitted with a standard air lumbar back support system, so who needs wheels when you’re this comfortable, right?

Shipping is available to WA, SA, QLD, ACT, NSW, VIC, TAS, and NT, so contact us today to place your Austen MK1 order.


Arteil – custom options just for you

Beyond providing optional glides for any Arteil chair belonging to the Gryphon, Sapphire, Zenith, Karis, Denver and Austen ranges, all of our chairs can be customised further according to your taste, needs, and preferences.

We offer users several choices in terms of seat sizes, fabric and colour variations. We can also adjust the gas lift and install extra seat foam to any of these chair models based on your requirements. There are also some models where we can add the air lumbar support feature or an extended back bar if you need one.

Best of all, with these different chairs with optional glides, you can have the best of both worlds.

You won’t have to choose between comfortable office chairs with wheels that aren’t suitable for hard surfaces and a limited range of non-wheeled office chairs without adjustable comfort features.