Businessman using an adjustable footrest at a desk.

Many of us spend a large chunk of our day sitting at a desk, whether we’re in an office or working from home. A sedentary lifestyle is not only hazardous to our physical health, but it can also take an emotional toll on us. Sitting in the same position for hours on end can lead to aches and pains, not to mention fatigue and a general feeling of sluggishness. And while a good chair is important, there’s one other thing that can make a big difference in your comfort levels, and that’s an adjustable footrest.

Footrests elevate your feet, helping to reduce strain on your lower back, hips and legs while improving blood circulation. Additionally, this simple design can be adjusted to help you maintain good posture, keeping your knees at a 90-degree angle. For all these reasons, an adjustable footrest is an essential tool for anyone who spends hours at a desk every day. Read on to learn more about the benefits of using a footrest with your office chair.


Benefits of using a footrest

An ergonomic footrest offers you a wide range of benefits, among them, being maintaining good posture while working, as well as supporting your feet and legs at the right height. Uncover a wide selection of advantages that come with using a footrest.

Professional woman recling at a desk with legs crossed.

Helps maintain good posture and alignment while sitting at a desk

Sitting at a desk with proper posture is becoming increasingly important in the modern world, especially during this time of distance learning and remote work. Creating an ergonomic workstation starts with choosing the correct desk height for your body.

However, as the height range of desks can vary across offices, a foot rest can help you find the perfect position to sit with your feet aligned with the floor in any workspace.

An adjustable office footrest’s height can be easily altered to help maintain the proper alignment of your feet, hips, knees and spine at your desk — reducing strain on your lower back and improving circulation. Moreover, adjustable ergonomic footrests come in many sizes and styles, so you can customise them to fit your preferences.

Whether you opt for adjustable height or tilt, they are precisely what you need to stay comfortable while sitting at a desk!

Helps reduce back pain and fatigue

Woman standing at desk with lower back pain.

Ergonomic footrests can be an effective way to reduce the fatigue and back pain associated with working at a desk all day. With adjustable heights and angles, you can find a comfortable position for your feet. You can also use your desk footrest to support your feet while sitting upright, encouraging better posture while typing or talking on the phone.

If you experience any lower back pain or discomfort while working at the office, investing in an ergonomic footrest can be beneficial to both your physical and mental well-being.

Increases circulation and prevents cramping

Office footrests have been found to improve circulation when used correctly, which can help reduce leg tension without increasing stress on your back. Ergonomic footrests support good posture and improve circulation by raising your legs off the floor, making them great for preventing cramping and discomfort after hours of sitting.

By helping to maintain the natural curve of your spine, a footrest can improve your comfort when used with an office chair that provides adequate lower back support. If you are still experiencing pain or discomfort, try using a towel or lumbar pillow for extra support. Or consider investing in a chair with in-built air lumbar support features.

Improves health and productivity

Working in a sedentary office environment can be tough on your body, but you don’t have to settle for stiff muscles and tired legs. Investing in an adjustable footrest can improve your health and productivity. Not only can it support posture, but it also helps prevent discomfort and leg cramps from extended sitting.

Ergonomic footrests can help you work more efficiently and effectively by keeping you comfortable, contented and healthy. This way, your mind will be focused on the task at hand instead of being sidetracked due to physical discomfort or health issues that may lead to absences from work.


What type of footrest is best?

Z-Rest Draftsman Adjustable Footrest

Z-REST Draftsman Adjustable Footrest is the perfect solution for workplace ergonomics. This height and angle adjustable footrest will ensure your sitting posture is comfortable and enables you to make quick and simple adjustments when needed. Its true benefit, however, comes from its greater reach to provide a comfortable workstation surface for draftspeople, for example.

Footrest helps with improving posture and minimising back pain.


Z-Rest Adjustable Footrest

The Z-Rest Adjustable Footrest is an ideal choice to improve your ergonomics as well as your workstation’s comfort. Height and angle-adjustable settings make it simple and easy to adjust your footrest while you’re seated to suit your individual needs. It takes seconds to configure, thus helping to make alterations throughout the day without any hassle.

Z-Rest Adjustable Footrest

Tips for using ergonomic footrests

A footrest can be a great addition to any workspace and is an important component of an ergonomic workstation. Footrests promote better posture but also help to reduce strain on your knees, feet and legs. To ensure that you are using an ergonomic footrest correctly, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

How to use a footrest at your desk

Man using a footrest at a desk to create correct posture.

How you use a footrest at your desk makes all the difference to your posture, comfort, and health. To ensure you are sitting correctly, consider how your chair, desk and footrest align with your body.

  • Angled Footrest: If on an angle, your feet should rest flat on the ground, as this helps establish a standard posture for sitting at a desk.
  • Flat footrest: If you’re using a flat footrest, then make sure that it’s placed close to where you sit, as this will help keep your legs at the right angle to avoid straining them.

It’s also recommended to adjust the height occasionally throughout the day to achieve maximum comfort when seated.

Should footrests be flat or angled?

An adjustable footrest offers the option of a flat or angled surface, allowing you to change positions to match your experience and posture. Adjustable height slots support different body types, helping you to sit with your knees slightly higher than your hips to promote good circulation.

Desk footrests may also come equipped with padded surfaces for extra comfort or non-skid rubber tips for stability, keeping feet securely in place.

Resting your feet on the ground is good for your back

A footrest is an often overlooked addition to the office environment, but it can make a big difference in relieving back and leg discomfort whilst seated for long hours at work. An ergonomic footrest allows you to set the height of the stool to your desired level, making it easier to maintain posture while sitting and allowing your hips, legs, and lower back to remain comfortable.

Using a footrest with your office chair can also serve as a reminder not to cross your feet or legs while seated, further helping reduce pressure on the spine.

Ideal when paired with ergonomic office furniture

Ergononomic footrests provide support when sitting, helping prevent back pain.

Adding a footrest to an ergonomic chair can be a great choice for improving workplace comfort. Desk footrests are popularly used within the office and other spaces where people spend extended periods of sitting, providing support that helps its users maintain correct posture without feeling cramped.

Ergonomic footrests provide secure support while distributing the users’ weight evenly so that they do not put extra strain on parts of their anatomy, avoiding long-term discomfort.

When should a footrest be used?

If your feet don’t easily touch the ground, a footrest should be used in conjunction with an ergonomic office chair to provide support for your feet. You can tailor it to your individual needs and preferences by adjusting the angle or height up or down.

Ergonomic footrests are ideal for individuals who experience discomfort in their neck, shoulders, or back due to poor posture. By using a footrest, you can sit in optimal comfort while avoiding pain and fatigue.


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