Your employees spend a large portion of their lives in your office, so you owe it to them to help them be as comfortable as possible while they work.

We’re not saying that they need to be so comfortable that they are likely to fall asleep, but there are plenty of things you can do to create an ergonomic office layout. This will help prevent common workplace complaints, like carpal tunnel syndrome and lower back pain.

Here’s what to do.


An Open Plan Layout Can Assist with Workplace Ergonomics

open plan layout assists with workplace ergonomicsThe first step to creating an ergonomic office design layout is to ensure your workers have enough room to do their jobs.

When all your employees are crammed in tightly together, they’ll have to manoeuvre awkwardly to get around the office, which can lead to or aggravate injuries. Keep the space clear of clutter and have distinct aisles between desks and cubicles so your team can get around easily.

Not only can office clutter be dangerous, but it can also be incredibly distracting.

When your employees are surrounded by a huge mess, they’ll have more difficulty concentrating on the task at hand, which can lower productivity. A clean, clear work area will help everyone focus on what they are doing so they can get more done each day.


Choose Comfortable, Supportive and Ergonomic Seating

comfortable supportive ergonomic seatingEach employee will need a comfortable chair at their desk, so this is the perfect opportunity to incorporate ergonomic design.

The chairs you select should provide plenty of comfort, as your team members will likely be sitting in them for extended periods of time. Both the seat and the back of the chair should have cushioning to ease the strain on joints and pressure points, which is commonly found in ergonomic mesh office chair designs.

However, cushioning is only part of the equation; the chairs also need to be supportive.

When sitting for a long time, your workers can experience back strain and muscle fatigue. Your office chairs should provide adequate back support, especially along the lumbar, or lower, spine. This is the part of the back that most needs support to prevent hunching and slouching throughout the day.

For even better back support, you can also add extra lumbar cushioning to the chairs.

There are even options that let your employees adjust the amount of support to suit their liking. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to workplace ergonomics, and your employees will appreciate you taking their individual needs into account.

Make sure that the chairs are fully adjustable as well. This will allow your employees to change the configuration of the chairs to suit their unique needs.

The seat height, backrest incline, and armrest height should all be adjustable for the most effective customisation. This way, everyone in your office can achieve a comfortable sitting position they deserve.


Compliment Your Ergonomic Office Layout with Lighting

compliment ergonomic office layout lightingFluorescent lighting is common in offices, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the best choice.

Instead, try using lighting that is closer to the appearance of natural light whenever possible. This will be much easier on your employees’ eyes, making it easier for them to keep up with their job duties.

If you can, let as much natural light into your office as possible. Not only is it great for providing light throughout the day, but it can also do wonders for employee wellbeing and morale.

It is also a good idea to provide an individual lamp for each employee’s desk.

This will enable them to customise the lighting to suit their preferences and to accommodate changing lighting conditions throughout the day. A light that is too dim can make it difficult to get work done, and an individual lamp can provide directed task lighting.

On the other hand, a light that is too bright can lead to headaches and create glare on computer screens. Aim for something in between to get the best results for your team.


Create A Sit Stand Ergonomic Office with Adjustable Desks

sit stand ergonomic office adjustable desksMost stationary desks are designed for use by people around 2 metres tall.

While this is fine for those who fall into that category, it means that shorter and taller individuals may not be sitting in the most appropriate position throughout the day. For those who use computers, it is important that the screen, keyboard, and mouse be in the correct position to prevent repetitive-use injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Make sure that you provide your team are desks that are adjustable in height. This way, your employees can move the surface of the desk up or down to suit their specific height requirements.

The goal is for everyone to be able to have a desk that is at the right height for their unique needs and preferences. This will give them the best chance of maintaining proper ergonomics in the workplace.

Sit-stand desks are modern options that are perfect for ergonomic office design.

With these adjustable desks, your workers can quickly and easily switch between sitting and standing throughout the day as they see fit. Rather than being forced to sit in a chair all day long, they’ll have the chance to stand and stretch their legs while continuing to get their work done.

Standing while working is much healthier than remaining sedentary.


Complete Your Office Desk Layout with Footrests

office desk layout footrestsOf course, your employees will still spend some of their day sitting, even with sit-stand desks.

To help them be more comfortable, give them footrests underneath their desks. By elevating their feet, they’ll be able to sit in a more ergonomic position. An adjustable footrest will enhance any ergonomic effects they are already getting from their chair and desk for the most comfortable, supportive workspace possible.


Redesign Your Ergonomic Office with New Furniture

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