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Chairs are some of the most taken-for-granted pieces of home office furniture we use daily. This seems unfair, especially when you consider how hard our chairs work for us.

A good chair is essential if we are able to work, or simply sit, with adequate lumbar and pelvic support. This means your back muscles are less stressed, and that you are able to maintain a better posture, to breathe properly, and to feel less fatigued over time. Depending on your type of posture, a comfortable office chair can make a tremendous difference, especially if you are sitting in your chair for many hours.

So, if you’re in the market for the best office chair to use for work or at home, do yourself a favour and check out this curated list of the 10 most comfortable office chairs for 2021.

1. The Best Office Chair in Australia: KAB ACS EXECUTIVE

The KAB ACS EXECUTIVE is probably the best and most comfortable office chair you’ll ever find in Australia, featuring height and tilt-adjustable headrests, as well as body-contoured cushions.

Upping the ante in terms of comfort and support, this fabulous chair has tip-up, adjustable armrests that you can also flip-up out of the way, a 16-degree backrest angle adjustment feature, and an air lumbar system for adjusting lower back support.

This versatile chair that’s suitable for home and office use is manufactured using high-grade upholstered leather.

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2. The Best Mesh Office Chair: SYNCHRO MESH EXECUTIVE

The contemporary-designed SYNCHRO MESH EXECUTIVE has a durable mesh backrest to keep you comfortably cool while working on your daily tasks. It has five chair adjustment features: seat height, seat angle, back height, back angle, sliding seat. This way, your body benefits from better spinal alignment and increased circulation no matter your body type or personal requirements.

The Synchro Mesh Executive chair is also tested to 136kg to provide a robust and long-lasting office chair to suit your ergonomic office.

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3. The Best Executive and Boardroom Chair: REGAL EXECUTIVE HIGH BACK

Be your best, most-confident self in the boardroom with the REGAL EXECUTIVE HIGH BACK, finished in upholstered leather (choice of black, chocolate or tan) and featuring a durable polished aluminium base.

Stay comfortable and relaxed as you discuss new plans and strategies with other executives. With the Regal Executive High Back’s stylish arm rests and comfortable seating position, this is easily the most comfortable office chair you’ll ever find in the boardroom.

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4. The Best Armless Office Chair: GRYPHON MK 1

Suitable for general office use, the GRYPHON MK 1 features a Duomatic mechanism with a moulded outer back, and four chair adjustments: seat height, seat angle, back height and back angle. This ensures superior lumbar support for the lower back and reduces hip and leg strain.

The option of seat size (from 430x510mm to 550x510mm) allows this armless office chair to be custom designed to suit your specifications.

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5. The Best Eco-Friendly Office Chair: GRYPHON EXECUTIVE

If going green is one of your main business goals for 2021, you can’t wrong with the GECA-approved GRYPHON EXECUTIVE. It’s easily one of the best office chairs in Australia when it comes to eco-friendliness. Just like the rest of our Gryphon office line of chairs, the Gryphon executive is approved by the Good Environmental Choice – Australia (GECA) Ecolabel program.

What’s more, this ultra-comfortable office chair has adjustable arms, and features the Tiltamatic mechanism that gives you five chair adjustments: seat height, seat angle, seat tilt, back height, and back angle.

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6. The Best Heavy-Duty Office Chair: SAPPHIRE SEMINAR – MODEL 4

If you’re in the business of hosting or managing events such as conferences, seminars, exhibits and the like, the SAPPHIRE SEMINAR – MODEL 4 is your best option.

The Sapphire Seminar – Model 4 has durable polyurethane arms, and its sturdily-engineered frame is guaranteed to handle weights of up to 150 kilograms. For the comfort of your event attendees, this stylish chair has a fabric outer back and is made of commercial grade upholstery.

Aside from events, the Sapphire Seminar – Model 4 is also suitable for foyers and waiting rooms in hospitals, clinics and educational facilities.

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7. The Best Office Kneeling Chair: LIBERTY KNEELING CHAIR

One of the most impressive results of ergonomic engineering is the kneeling chair. With the LIBERTY KNEELING CHAIR, you get all the benefits of ergonomic kneeling chairs designed to promote good posture while sitting. This chair reduces stress on the pelvis and pressure in the disk of your spine, engages the back and abdominal muscles, and eliminates stress on the lower back.

Featuring black fabric upholstery, the Liberty Kneeling Chair features a seat height adjustment and comes highly recommended for use on hard floors.

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Traditionally associated with hairdressing salons and healthcare clinics, where people need to easily navigate their workplace while remaining seated, saddle stools are also becoming more popular in home, industrial and office settings, creating a more ergonomic office layout.

The NOVA SADDLE STOOL WITH BACK REST has all the features that make a saddle stool one of the best ergonomic seats out there, such as ensuring a better posture, improving leg circulation and core muscle

The Nova Saddle Stool is upholstered in black vinyl and features a duomatic mechanism with four chair adjustments: seat height, seat angle, back height, back angle.

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9. The Best Café and Restaurant Chair: LOTUS CAFE CHAIR

So, what makes for a great restaurant chair?

Of course, comfort and support are important in a café or restaurant setting, as people tend to linger over coffee, food and great conversation. Low level seating for dining tables to moderately high chairs for bar table seating are your best choice for maximum relaxation. But you also need to factor in design features that agree with your restaurant aesthetics.

The LOTUS CAFE CHAIR ticks all the right boxes, and it comes in red, blue, black, white and green variants. You also have the option to get it fitted with an upholstered seat pad in your fabric and colour of choice. It’s also stackable and suitable for waiting rooms, foyers, schools and educational facilities.

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10. The Best Gaming Stool: SHERIDAN GAMING STOOL

The SHERIDAN GAMING STOOL is a sturdy yet comfortable, stylish chair. Its robustly-engineered steel frame is designed to withstand extended loads during gaming sessions. This way, your customers can spend hours of fun, focus and excitement while also getting much-needed lumbar support for a healthy posture, improved circulation and enhanced mood.

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